Are you interested in becoming a patient but unsure if you can be helped?

Our office offers, a free case review or posture assessment. All you have to do is send us a copy of your x-ray images and reports to our email at . Make sure the heading is titled Case Review. If you would like to have your posture assessed to see if you could benefit from our services, please take a photograph of yourself standing head to toe from the front and from the right side and email to us!

See the details below.

Send us a copy of your x-rays

We will generate a posture report and email it back to you. This review applies to one region of the spine or body but you may include as many x-ray images as you like. We will assess the area we believe to be the primary cause of your posture weakness.
Lateral Cervical Posture Ray Example.PNG
Lateral lumbar Posture Ray Example.PNG

- OR -

Send us a picture of your posture standing 

1. From the front head to toe
2. From the right side head to toe
3. Include your approximate height and weight.
And we will send you a report like the one below
Posture Ray Example.PNG

Please acknowledge by submitting a request for a case review, you understand that you are not yet an established patient of DeCamp Chiropractic Clinic. Your case review is solely based on a complimentary assessment. The purpose of your case review is to determine if you are a candidate for treatment in our office. If we believe we can help you improve your health and posture, we will set up a full examination. Please download and read the form in the link above this message for full details.

"Want to know how we do it?"

Our office is currently creating that page for our website and we are excited to let you in on our secret to success.

Check out some of our results and be sure to visit our review page.